Make your entire Manzanillo vacation tax deductible!

If you like water activites, and you want to help conserve our coral reefs and other marine habitats, you can make your entire vacation tax deductible--including airfare, hotel, and the cost of diving and snorkeling and/or equipment rental!

You come to Manzanillo to enjoy its beautiful beaches and oceans, so why not have fun, save money, learn something new, and do something good for the world's ocean environment?

At right, a pregnant male Giant Pacific Seahorse spotted at Club de Yates.

Even if you've never tried diving or snorkeling before, you can be part of this incredible not-for-profit program, made possible by Underworld Scuba/Scuba Shack and REEF (Reef Environmental Educational Foundation).

In the Tropical Eastern Pacific (TEP) region, Manzanillo is the top species-rich environment! More than 121 species of underwater marine life have been found in the 2,000 surveys done in the area, out of 67,000 surveys done worldwide. One of Manzanillo's diving and snorkeling locations, Club de Yates Beach, is so "fish rich" that you can be busy for hours observing and remembering. If you don't know how to dive or snorkel, take a class and start gathering statistics!

If you're already an accomplished diver or snorkeler, enjoy a boat adventure at many other locations near Manzanillo.  It's all tax deductible! Want to advance your diving education? PADI's Diving Specialty Course in Fish Identification is also tax deductible!

Anyone who is willing to wear a mask or even lay on our snorkel float with a see-through window is eligible. REEF's mission, to educate and enlist divers and snorkelers in the conservation of marine habitats, is accomplished primarily through its Fish Survey Project. The Project was developed in 1990 with support from The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and guidance by the Southeast Fisheries Science Center of the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS). The REEF Fish Survey Project allows volunteer SCUBA divers and snorkelers to collect and report information on marine fish populations. The data are collected using a fun and easy standardized method, and are housed in a publicly-accessible database on REEF's Website. These data are used by a variety of resource agencies and researchers.

PADI (Professional Association of Diving Insturctors) IDC Staff Instructor/Specialty Instructor Richard Baker, or Fernando Hernandez, a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer/Specialty Instructor, will teach you how to identify fish, and take you diving or snorkeling. While you're at it, rent a new digital camera to record your fish sightings, and take home your own Underwater Adventure CD for your friends to see. Richard heads the TEP region in the amount of surveys done: 321. Fernando is a marine biologist who has worked with the Instituto Nacional de la Pesca (National Institute of Fishing), Mexico, for many years. Now both Richard and Fernando instruct diving for Underworld Scuba/Scuba Shack in Manzanillo.

Visit REEF's web site: for indepth information about these studies and what they are used for. For more information on Manzanillo's Great Annual Fish Count, scheduled for July 2004, visit this web site:

For more information about this incredible tax-deductible vacation program, contact or call (from U.S. or Canada) 011-52-314-333-3678 or 011-52-314-358-5042.