Manzanillo Trivia Trek

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Congratulations to everyone who entered. We can see that you spent a lot of time researching, and hope you enjoyed learning and reading about Manzanillo. Whenever an answer could be spelled more than one way, as offered on the Internet, it was allowed. Misspellings of people's names were not allowed. Accidental typos were also not allowed. In instances where it was possible for more than one answer, both were allowed. The biggest suggestion I would give all participants is to carefully proofread your answers next time for typing errors!


First Prize: 7 nights at the Dolphin Cove Inn in a deluxe suite, with a fantastic view, and Susan Dearing's tourist guidebook, "Manzanillo and the state of Colima: Facts, Tips, and Day Trips." Click here for more information about the Dolphin Cove Inn. Subject to room availability. Prize not valid for Christmas and Easter.

Josh wrote: "Thanks! My wife and I are thrilled. I've never won a contest before and this is quite a big prize!"

Josh answered 39 out of 40 questions correctly!

Josh and wife Joy will enjoy
a week at the Dolphin Cove Inn.



Second Prize: 7 nights at Dolphin Cove Inn in a charming studio apartment with a fantastic view of Manzanillo and the famed Las Hadas resort and marina. Click here for more information about the Dolphin Cove Inn. Subject to room availability. Prize not valid for Christmas and Easter.

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Third Prize: 4 nights at the Dolphin Cove Inn in a charming studio with a fantastic view of Manzanillo and the famed Las Hadas resort and marina. Click here for more information about the Dolphin Cove Inn. Subject to room availability. Prize not valid for Christmas and Easter.


Fourth Prize: Snorkel trip for 2! Super Snorkeling Safari: A Sea & See Adventure, Click here for details, or go to Subject to availability and weather conditions.


Fifth Prize: "Karen Brown's Mexico, Exceptional Places to Stay and Itineraries" (5 books as prizes--go to for more information.)


Sixth Prize: T-shirt (5 to be given away as prizes)

HOW TO CLAIM YOUR PRIZE: Winners of 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 5th prizes: Contact Kim Holmsen.

For 4th & 6th prizes, contact Susan Dearing.

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Question #5
Where can you find this
mammoth molar?

Question #9
Who is the sculptor of
Manzanillo's sailfish?

Questions #12-14
Category 5 hurricane

Question #18
Manzanillo tree's scientific name?

Question #28
Union building today

Question #33
Beachfront hotel that collapsed
during the 1995 earthquake

Question #34
What is the name of this ship
that caught fire in the harbor?

Question #35
What town is near the crocodile

Question #36
What are these hard,
marble-sized "balls"?

Question #37
Name the flowering
plant at Dolphin Cove Inn.

Question #38
What are the two streets
called today?

Question #39
Name of the Biosphere Reserve
  1. What is in a popular drink called a "cazuela"? All or most of the following: Tequila, sliced grapefruit, orange, sweet lemon, lime, squirt, grenadine. NO ONE MISSED THIS ONE! Try this delicious concoction at Pedro's Cazuela on Elias Zamora. Directions & map
  2. What is the name of the lagoon near La Boquita? Laguna de Juluapan NO ONE MISSED THIS ONE, but one person spelled it wrong.
  3. What is the name of the mountain (in Spanish) near El Naranjo where the microwave towers are placed? Cerro del Torro technically, but some locals call it Cerro El Naranjo, so we allowed both answers. Many named other mountains, which do have microwave towers, but they are not near El Naranjo.
  4. What are the names of the 3 snorkeling locations for the "Super Snorkeling Safari: Sea & See Adventure"?
    Answer at NO ONE MISSED THIS ONE! The Aquarium, Elephant Rock, San Luciano shipwreck. Sometimes, because of weather ocnditions, snorkeling is done at "Point B" where the King Angels are fed, so any 3 of the 4 are correct.

  5. At what historical site can you find a mammoth molar? Tampumacchay. It is sometimes spelled with only 1 "c" so we allowed both spellings, but the sign has two.
  6. What Manzanillo restaurant features specialty dishes from Veracruz? Rincon Jarocho, owned by Emma and Antonio. However, there is a new restaurant La Bamba, which also has some Veracruz dishes, so we allowed both answers.
  7. What is the name of the enormous white rock frequented by whales, dolphins and giant Pacific manta rays? Answer at Peña Blanca. NO ONE MISSED THIS ONE, and the answer was not disqualified if you weren't able to make an "eñe" (that little squiggle over the "n" letter), but your answer was marked wrong if you misspelled the word "Blanca."
  8. Why is the rock white? Answer at NO ONE MISSED THIS ONE! Bird guano. Yes, folks, bird poop from the Pelicans, Boobies, frigates, seagulls and the Red-beaked Tropic Bird, all of whom inhabit the white rock.
  9. Who is the artist that designed Manzanillo's symbol: the giant blue sailfish at the central jardin? Sebastian NO ONE MISSED THIS ONE!
  10. On July 14, 1936, what famous cruise ship arrived in Manzanillo carrying 302 tourists from the United States? Prince David NO ONE MISSED THIS ONE!
  11. What kind of farm do the owners of Dolphin Cove have in Mexico? Answer at Blackberry farm. Dolphin Cove Inn's restaurant features blackberry margaritas,  and homemade blackberry preserves. Delicious on pancakes!
  12. What was the name of the most devastating hurricane in Manzanillo's history? Unnamed, just called "Mexico hurricane" NO ONE MISSED THIS ONE!
  13. What was the name of the town in Colima that lost up to 1,000 of its citizens due to mudslides as a result of that hurricane? Minatitlan
  14. What was the exact date of the hurricane, when it hit Manzanillo? October 27, 1959 The hurricane actually began forming on October 23, but it didn't become a full Category 5 until October 29, when it scored a direct hit on Manzanillo.
  15. What is the name of the historian who has collected thousands of photos of Manzanillo, beginning from the late 1800s? Victor Hugo Gonzalez Rosas is generally considered Manzanillo's historian and collector of old photos, though there are several others who have old photo archives.
  16. Who was the owner, builder and designer of the Barceló Karmina Palace (formerly Karmina Palace)? Robert E. Woolley. NO ONE MISSED THIS ONE!
  17. What was his wife's name? Karina
  18. What is the scientific name of the tree that Manzanillo was named after? Hippomane mancinella. To those of you who answered toxicodendron, that IS a poisonous vine, but Manzanillo was not named after poison sumac, poison ivy or poison oak. Fortunately, we have never encountered any of those plants here.
  19. What is the name of the wonderful reservations manager at the Dolphin Cove Inn? Miriam Manzo
  20. What was the main reason for Manzanillo's lack of growth during the Colonial period? Health hazards, such as yellow fever. This was not the only reason, but the main reason.
  21. Captain Hernando de Grijalda, on the ship San Lázaro discovered what islands near Manzanillo? Revillagigedo Islands, also known locally as the Socorro Islands.
  22. Coconut palms are not native to Mexico. What was the date navigator Alvaro de Mendaña brought coconuts to Manzanillo from the Solomon Islands? 1569
  23. In 1579, Sir Francis Drake anchored his ship at Salagua to stock up on drinking water. What was the name of his ship? Golden Hind or Golden Hinde (Show me where you found "Golden Delicious Hind," folks!)
  24. What was the significance of Woodes Rodgers, captain of his own pirate ship, and his passenger Alexander Selkirk, a sailor rescued from Isla Juan Fernandez, where he had lived alone for 4½ years? Before heading to America, they stopped in Manzanillo. What novel recreated Selkirk's experience? Rodgers had rescued Selkirk who was marooned for 4½ years on an island. "Robinson Crusoe," was the novel recreating Selkirk's experience. (Some of you missed this one because you can't spell "Crusoe."
  25. What date was the port of Manzanillo officially opened to public service? 1825 NO ONE MISSED THIS ONE!
  26. What was the last name of the landowner who, in the 1880s, owned the largest portion of land in Manzanillo, and, who donated the plots for the town hall, the Catholic Church, and the hospital? Carlos Meillon (This answer came from a wonderful book, entitled "Manzanillo," by Jose Luis Ezquerra de la Colina.)
  27. On October 28, 1908, the first train from Mexico City arrived at Colima and Manzanillo, via Guadalajara. Who was the very distinguished passenger, who was visiting Colima for the first time? President Porfirio Diaz
  28. What is the name of the largest labor union in Manzanillo, formed in the early 1900s? CROC (Confederación Revolucionaria de Obreros y Campesinos) Note: Members of CROM (Confederación Regional Obrera Mexicana), and CTC (La Confederación de Trabajadores y Campesinos) also claim to be the largest. CTC was formed in 1976, so is eliminated, but CROC and CROM are acceptable answers.
  29. What city in Colima is famous for the giant "green wave"? Cuyutlan or Coyutlan
  30. What is the name of the town where you eat lunch after visiting the El Salto waterfalls? Answer on Minatitlan (Whenever you see a "tlan" ending on a word, it means "place of." The word "Mina" means "mine," so the name Minatitlan, means "place of mines," so named because of a large iron mine near the town.
  31. What famous romantic comedy was filmed in Manzanillo in 1979? "10" starring Bo Derek, Dudley Moore, and Julie Andrews.
  32. Underworld Scuba - Scuba Shack supports what foundation, dedicated to "conserving underwater environments through education, advocacy and action." Answer at Project AWARE (Aquatic World Awareness, Responsibility & Education).
  33. What beachfront hotel "sandwiched" (collapsed) in the earthquake of 1995 (picture above)? Costa Real NO ONE MISSED THIS ONE!
  34. What is the name of this ship (pictured) that burned in Manzanillo's harbor? "Escorpion" or "Scorpion" in English. (While there were other ships that burned in the harbor, the specific photo was of "Escorpion.")
  35. Near what town in Colima is the crocodile sanctuary? Tecoman
  36. What are these "balls"? Iron pellets from the Peña Colorada iron pelletizing plant. Many of you answered fishing weights, but this is iron, not lead. Fishing weights are made of lead because it has a greater density, therefore is heavier.
  37. What is the name of the flowering shrub featured all around the grounds at Dolphin Cove Inn? Bougainvillea or bouganvilla.  NO ONE MISSED THIS ONE!
  38. What are the current names of the two streets shown in this photograph? Av. Audiencia with bus turning onto Blvd. Miguel de la Madrid Hurtado (Hwy. 200)
  39. What is the name of the Biosphere Reserve, located in both Colima and Jalisco? Sierra de Manantlan Biosphere Reserve
  40. The municipality of Manzanillo was created by congressional decree on what date? June 15, 1873