The aftermath of Spring Break: Statistics from Colima's director of tourism

In a recent interview Tourism Director Fernando Moran said that according to data submitted to the department of tourism, hotel occupancy was at 94% during the first week of Spring Break, or Semana Santa. According to Moran, more than  $237 million pesos (approximately 20 million USD) was brought in during that week alone. With Manzanillo's population at 150,000, the first week of Spring Break brought an additional influx of 105,000 visitors to the state.

Moran explained that during the second week of Easter (Semana Pascua) the hotel occupancy rate dropped to between 80 and 82%, down 12 to 14 points from the week before, but it is typical for this time . Normal occupancy rate for the winter tourist season is 75-76%. The second week also brought an additional 55,000 tourists to the state. The total income generated by the 2-week holiday period was $403 million pesos (approximately $35 million USD).

Director Moran credited the high occupancy rate to the effort made by all three levels of government: federal, state and local. He stated that in terms of security and tourist service, the state scores exceeded 9 points in tourist satisfaction out of a possible 10.

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La Boquita, a great swimming beach with small waves

He said that that the only accidents were  the death of a child in a private pool, and a collision on the Colima-Guadalajara highway, but outside the state (in the state of Jalisco), which killed 2 people. There was also a fight in Manzanillo, unrelated to tourism, which resulted in a death. He said the report issued by the Federal Preventive Police stated it assisted 343 drivers and that there were only 7 accidents on state highways with 4 injured and no deaths.

According to Moran, Colima officials made a great effort to maintain balance and remain 100% operational.

Ice cream vendor
at La Boquita

Miramar Beach

"We reviewed the area of Olas Altas and Miramar beaches which have the greatest concentration of tourists, who are at higher risk. It was important to focus our efforts and operations where there is the greatest danger. In that area, there were 460 rescues." (Olas Altas, or "High Waves" beach is a favorite spot for surfers, but dangerous for swimming. Miramar, or "Sea View Beach," is the most popular area in Manzanillo for vacationers, but also has drop-offs and undertow. Many tourists, who are not good swimmers, nor have ocean experience are unaware of the potential dangers.)

Vendor of beach toys

Dangerous waves at
Miramar Beach

The tourism minister noted that last year there were 104 lifeguards at beaches and resorts, and this year added another 30 on the instructions of the governor.

Additionally, tourism entrepreneurs in the state took part in a comprehensive training program in order to give quality service and personalized attention to their customers.

The effect of the added security, better training and attention to safety issues means that Manzanillo and the state of Colima exceeded 9 points in satisfaction, which indicates that people will return to Manzanillo because they were well treated, Moran said.

The tourism minister thanked governor Anguiano Mario Moreno for his support, helping the state to move from the number 32 position to forth place in the amount of resources allocated for the training of tourism service providers.

Moran also expressed his commitment to continue working in coordination with public and private institutions, law enforcement and the three levels of government for future vacations.