Snorkel Trips

By Sushi

Who are these people, and why do they look like they’re having such a good time? The name on the boat says that they are from Underworld Scuba. That means they will have a guide to show them who all my little friends are, and to take them on a tour around my house--this gorgeous coral reef that they call "The Aquarium."

I know their guide is respectful, won’t let them stand on the coral, and that will protect my home for many years to come. It’s only 6 to 8 ft. deep here and I can always see the snorkelers because this cove is protected and the visibility is always good.

My name is Sushi and I am a Juvenile Damselfish. I love to look at the tourists' excited faces when they see my electric blue dots, and call their friends over to take my picture. Sometimes, I’ll dash around an urchin or streak into a crevice in the coral just to make them work a little. But with the thousands of fish that surround me showing off every color of the rainbow, and the many different types of coral, they never lack for good photo opportunities.

Oh look! The guide is opening up an oyster to feed my friend Mr. Eel. Isn’t that nice of him? I know Mr. Eel really likes it. Even though humans think he’s a grouch, he’s actually smiling all the time.

Opps, while I've been talking, they’re getting back in the boat. I think I’ll follow them…

That was a very short little swim. I could hear them opening sodas and beer on the boat but they never throw any garbage in my house, and I really appreciate that. I’ve been here before….This is Elephant Rock! It is a little deeper here than where I live so I know I’ll be able to see some of my bigger cousins. Oh yeah!

There’s a school of King Angel Fish. Just look at those beautiful colors! They always like to eat what is growing on the bottom of the boat, so they get real close to humans. Little humans look so excited when they see us. I can tell that their mamas want to take them by the hand and swim only where it is shallow, but they want to explore. Let 'em, mom! It is really safe because the guide is in the water, and the boat captain is always aware of their safety. They also have the funny coats they call "lifejackets." Fortunately, we fish don't need any. And that ladder sure makes it easy for them to get back on the boat.

I’m sure glad that the captain tries to place the anchor where it won’t hit any of the coral that is so abundant out here. It comes in red, blue, yellow, orange, and even purple. Rainbow Wrasses, Scissortails, Trumpetfish…. Mother Ocean sure has a big imagination! Ok, they’re getting back on the boat so I’ll just tag along.


We’re back close to my house at the sunken ship. How cool!! It's been here much longer than I have. I see some of the snorkelers are actually snorkeling over the main deck of the ship, which is only in 4 ft. of water. This ship is huge and it is the home to thousands upon thousands of fish. There’s a bunch of those puffer fish that look so funny when they inflate themselves. And up here by the bow is where all the Trumpet Fish hang out.

I know there must be some kind of food on this ship that appeals to my pals, the Seahorses, 'cause I know they cruise by here all the time. The guy seahorse has the live babies. Too weird for me! I'll stick to the old way of eggs under rocks!

The humans are all going back to the beach, but they sure do look like they enjoyed themselves. I know I did, 'cause they sure are funny looking.


3 Hours

COST: $45 USD/person

Beer, Water and Soft drinks, English-speaking guide, Transportation within the hotel zone,
and Equipment Provided.

Fish Kisses!

See you soon,


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