President Calderon and PBS Peter Greenburg host an amazing show about Mexico:

Mexico: The Royal Tour

A groundbreaking television special, produced & hosted by Peter Greenberg, known as the "Travel Detective," will showcase Mexico in a way no visitor has ever seen the country before - through the eyes of its leader, President Felipe Calderón.

In a personal tour led by President Calderón, "Mexico: The Royal Tour" goes beyond the headlines to journey deep inside Mexico and offer viewers access to extraordinary locations, landmarks and cultural experiences. "Mexico: The Royal Tour" is a fast-paced, non-stop adventure through Mexico's iconic spots as well as experiences that aren't found in any guidebook, but are still accessible to travelers.

After watching the PBS special, it is obvious that the president loves his country, and his efforts are needed to promote Mexico, not as a drug cartel-infested, blighted nation, but as a  beautiful country with dozens of natural wonders to be enjoyed by visitors. Tourism is one of the primary sources of revenue to the entire country, and according to the World Tourism Council, provides over 3 million jobs throughout Mexico.

The ultimate tour of Mexico begins in Los Pinos, the Mexican White House, where the President will engage Peter in a revealing no-holds-barred interview about his history in office and the future of Mexico. Calderon confronts the image problem head on instead of trying to divert attention with pretty images. He even lays some of the blame on Mexico's neighbor, the U.S.


In the program they search out a hidden tunnel in the Temple of Inscriptions in the ruins of Palenque. Among the Mayan temples at Chichen-Itza the pair goes scuba diving in a water-filled sinkhole where the remains of sacrifice victims were once tossed.

They pet whales in a lagoon in Baja California. Calderon is a world statesman, yes, but he is also a proud Mexican and a low-key funny guy. "It was nice knowing you, Peter," he says as Greenberg hesitantly prepares to take a zipline tour through the canopy of a Jalisco jungle.

Calderon diving a cenote


Calderon attended a preview of the travelogue Tuesday, Sept. 20 at New York's Guggenheim Museum. To a crowd of dignitaries and media he explained why he took so much time to take part in the TV program. "There were a lot of risks," he said. "There was a lot of criticism. People even in my own administration said it was a mistake. But it was an opportunity for me to show Mexico to people around the world." It's a show worth seeing.

In the 60-minute film, you will visit President Calderón's hometown of Morelia, meet his mother, and learn about the influences that shaped the leader's personal and political career.

Ziplining in Manzanillo


From soaring across the skies in a hot air balloon for a bird's-eye view of Teotihuacan, to whale watching in Baja California, to rappelling stories into a seemingly bottomless pit, the world's foremost travel journalist uncovers the essence of this captivating and complex nation with the President as his guide.

This is not the Mexico of media headlines or the pristine Mexico of travel brochures — this is the real Mexico of The Royal Tour.

Whale watching in Manzanillo

See preview to Mexico: The Royal Tour.

Check your local PBS station for airing times.