Emergency numbers to call anonymously--are they really confidential?
During a local Manzanillo program that airs Monday through Friday from 9 to 10 a.m. on Radio Levy, 98.9 FM, callers-in discussed the issue of confidentiality of emergency lines 089 and 066. Several listeners expressed their distrust of them. 

In response, the general coordinator of Sistema Estatal de Seguridad (social communication, quality, and security) of the state system of Colima, Aldo Vázquez, stressed that the lines are safe and the serving staff is fully trained to meet the demands of the population.

Professionals such as psychologists, doctors and lawyers are on the lines that serve 089 to respond to the complaint, and there is no caller I.D., so they cannot see the phone number. The operators are instructed to just ask for certain details to obtain as much information as possible from the complainants.

Vázquez has attended meetings and visited schools to promote the anonymous "help" lines.  He has also asked residents not to tie up the lines by false calls or making jokes, stressing that "it is a service for their welfare, and if a citizen were to need assistance, time is of the essence. If the lines are tied up with false calls, he will not be able to receive prompt service with the efficiency deserved."

Vázquez acknowledged that Colima was once the state with the highest number of jokes on the lines 089 and 066, but this has gradually declined, and in turn, the help lines are being used increasingly with legitimate complaints and problems.

The ability to report crimes anonymously has led to many solid arrests over the past 2 years. For those who don't speak Spanish, there is always someone available who speaks English, but remember to speak calmly and slowly and enunciate carefully, so you can be understood. 066 and 089 are on the backs of all police vehicles in Colima.