Noise pollution a problem? Apparently so in the state capital!

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Colonial State CapitalThe city of Colima is implementing a campaign against noise, according to Angelo Dueñas, member of the town board. He is advising that motorists with noisy exhausts, or playing loud music will be fined and their vehicle will be towed to the impound lot managed by the city.

The historic Hotel CeballosMunicipal "Transito," police will first give a warning ticket, but a repeat offender will be ticketed, his car towed, and impounded. The violator will have so many days to fix the vehicle and/or discontinue playing the offending noise.

The cost to the driver of the vehicle could be upwards of $2,500 pesos or approximately $200 US.

Looking out over the town squareDueñas says the noise level will be measured by the ecology staff using specialized equipment, along with the support of "transito" police.

He noted that the campaign is not designed to harass motorists, but to ensure that the city remains a quiet and comfortable place for tourists as well as the inhabitants of Colima.

If you have ever been in front or behind someone with booming, throbbing loud base speakers, or stuck at a stop light behind an old pick-up truck exhaling a plume blue smoke, you will appreciate this new law.