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Addicted to crystal meth: Manzanillo's drug problems & what we can do about it

Amy talks about her life as a street dog in Manzanillo.

Angelfish: Go down underwater as Mother Ocean tells you all about the intriguing, beautiful  angelfish, which inhabit Manzanillo's rocky shores and reefs.

Animal shelter opens

APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) holds a conference in Manzanillo.

Archeological find slows power plant completion


Barra de Navidad loses beach to high waves

Beach clean-up in conjunction with PADI's Project AWARE: Divers and local residents get together to make Manzanillo's beaches cleaner.

Benefit for the animals starring Kevin and Janet Hall from "Halls of Magic"

Benito Juarez: Why he's honored everywhere

Bill y Bob's Hawaiian Luau fund raiser

Biosphere Reserve: Learn about a cloud forest, and what makes it different from a rain forest.

Blackjack Night to benefit the animals

Blessing of the Animals: First ever in Manzanillo

Botaneros, what they are and where you can find them?

Brickmaking by hand, a hard job, but essential to Manzanillo's economy.

Bullfighting by Carlos Cuellar


Cadillac Ranch A fun place on Saturday!

Carnaval in Manzanillo

Casa Tango, a unique experience if you're going down the road to Puerto Vallarta.

Casino "Juega, Juega" opens and keeps busy despite the economy.

CFE (Comision Federal de Electricidad) talks about the conversion of the power plant to natural gas:

Charros, the Mexican cowboys. What it's like to attend a local Charreada. No cruelty to animals here; just fun for the whole family!

Cinco de Mayo, the holiday, history, and its celebration in Manzanillo.

Clean water for Colima communities

Cockfighting, it's not for everyone, but it's here in Manzanillo.

Christmas bazaar to help animals. A yearly event.

Colima and the drug cartels: Who's winning?

Colima Dog: The state's famous "perro."

Colima is #1 in economic growth in the country! INEGI statistics put Colima ahead

Colima Volcano keeps erupting. See it!

Crabs: We've got 'em, and they're tasty!

Crocodiles in Tecoman: All about the new crocodile sanctuary.

Cruise ships are welcomed to Manzanillo!

Cuyutlan is the place to look for a good investment.

Cuyutlan Turtle Sanctuary, and how Colima helps to save an endangered species.


Dam project between Colima and Jalisco

Day of the Dead, Nov. 2: A history of this popular holiday, and a visit to a Manzanillo cemetery.

Discover Scuba classes offered in Manzanillo; experience a new underwater world.

Discovery Channel visits Manzanillo!

Dog Show in Cihuatlan: Promoting pet awareness

Drug and alcohol abuse: A typical story, and a rehab center's plea for help.


Eco-tourism: The big picture. What you can to to "enjoy, not destroy."

El Salto Waterfall and water park, only 50 minutes from Manzanillo.

Elvis is back! Returning from Cancun, Manzanillo's Mexican Elvis entertains music and dance lovers

Emergency numbers: Are 066 and 089 really confidential? Do you know how to use them?


Fiestas Charro Taurinas: A week-long festival in Santiago

Find your dream home, and learn about how to buy property and invest in Manzanillo.

Fresh water springs, a great way to cool off and have a picnic


Grotto of San Gabriel, a cave for the adventurer.

Guidebook of Manzanillo celebrates 15th year


Hacienda de Nogueras, a restored hacienda and a museum containing some of Colima's oldest pre-Hispanic art exhibits.

Hiking: Little-known trails that are easy and interesting.

Honda Hybrid: Is Manzanillo going "green"?

Hyperbaric Chamber in Manzanillo benefits divers, many illnesses.


Iguana Guy: How would you like to feed 350 iguanas in your backyard?

Innkeeper, a new book by Bart Varelmann, and a book review about it.


Kayaking in Manzanillo's lakes and lagoons.

Koreans complete LNG project: Liquid Natural Gas is on its way


Las Caritas, an Catholic charity organization that helps single mothers

Learn about what was like to go diving 60 years ago, and what it is like today in Manzanillo.


Manzamigos, an organization to help newcomers and visitors to Manzanillo.

Manzanillo Magic: What makes people fall in love with Manzanillo.

"Manzanillo on Pocos Pesos"! Want to save money while visiting in Manzanillo?

Manzanillo's Most Haunted, a history of our legendary ghosts.

Manzanillo safety: One of the biggest issues tourists ask about when traveling to Mexico.

Manzanillo Trivia Trek: See who won a week in Manzanillo and more!

Marines seize tons of precursor chemical at the port of Manzanillo

Mask-making: A tradition handed down for 4 generations.

Massage by a professional in Manzanillo, and how you can have a relaxing vacation.

Megaships arrive! Megaships arrive! Port Authority welcomes new, huge container ships

Mexican Independence Day and how it's celebrated.

Mexican Marines rescue baby whale

Mexico: The Royal Tour airs on PBS

Mortgages in Mexico for your retirement home.

Motorhome adventure: A new way to explore Mexico

Museum of Perversity opens to champion human rights issues

Mysterious Moray, eels, and where to go to see them.


Navy Day in Manzanillo! Learn about its history, and about the new Mexican Navy.

New facelift for Manzanillo


Oarfish scares people at La Boquita

Orphans of Manzanillo, and how to help.


Parota trees now protected by law Environmentally conscious Colima congress passes law unanimously

Poem by a local resident about why he loves living in Manzanillo.

Philippine company invests $769 million: 6,000 new jobs for Manzanillo, with the project covering 179 acres

Project Las Cascadas: American developers invest $400 million.


Red Light District in Manzanillo, it's history and what it's like today.

Reforestation project throughout Colima: Thousands of saplings give dry areas new life

RV-ing around Mexico. A new vacation concept where you let the driving to someone else.


Safety in Manzanillo: Not an issue, and why

Safety: Is it safe to come to Manzanillo?

San Diego to Manzanillo Yacht Race.

Scholarship fund dinner dance, and how to help.

Scuba diving for the first time: Is it scary?

Sea salt and why it's good for you.

Shark Show attracts 1,000s

Smoking is banned in Manzanillo!

Snoopy sculpture, a donation by our sister city.

Snorkeling: A Sea & See adventure.

Snorkeling from a fish-eye view.

Sportfishing in the "Sailfish Capital of the World."

Spring Break in Manzanillo

Spring Break is over: How did Manzanillo fare? Comments from the Dept. of Tourism

Springs: Make a day out of Colima's fresh water balneareos. Real cool!

Summer is one of the best times to visit Manzanillo!

Survey that tells you why Manzanillo and Colima are the best places in Mexico to live?

Swine Flu: Not in Colima


Tahitian Black Pearls, and why they're so popular in Manzanillo. A rare jewel and a wonderful gift!

Tampumacchay: Go back 2,000 years in time

Tipping etiquette: Who, what, and how to tip

Touched by an Angel: Hear the story of how many residents and visitors to Manzanillo have helped the children at "Los Angelitos."

Travelers insurance: Why you need it


Vacation money saver! Make your trip tax deductible! If you like to dive or snorkel, here's a way to get a tax write-off, help a not-for-profit environmental organization, and have fun, too!

Volcano, Volcan de Fuego (Fire Volcano) is erupting daily


Wendy Devlin's impressions of Manzanillo when she visited with her teenage son and daughter.