Manzanillo Carnaval 2012:

Following in the tradition of Rio de Janeiro

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The Brazilian Carnival (Carnaval in Portuguese or Spanish) celebration set the standard for all Carnival pre-Lenten celebrations worldwide.

Originally, Carnaval was a pagan custom celebrating the arrival of spring. However, Christian culture was loath to relinquish the popular festival and incorporated it into their religious traditions.

Carnaval usually begins four days before Ash Wednesday, which is the start of the Lenten season. During Lent, Christians prepare for Easter Sunday by fasting or foregoing favorite foods and activities. Carnaval is a great way to cut loose and enjoy life before the restrictions of Lent are imposed.

Many cities throughout the world celebrate Carnival with traditions such as masquerades, parades, feasts, social gatherings, and dancing. Of course, dancing and reveling lends itself to appetite building, and in Manzanillo, restaurants along the boulevard are packed to capacity with diners.

Ninel Conde

David Zepeda

Manzanillo Mayor Nabor Ochoa, accompanied by Tourism Minister Fernando Moran and various other politicians unveiled on Tuesday, Feb. 8 details of the "Carnaval 2012 Manzanillo," which will begin on Saturday, February 25, with selection and coronation of the Queen of Carnival, and will sponsor the film and television actress and singer Ninel Conde, and actor David Zepeda.

Ochoa said that this year Manzanillo's Carnaval will be bigger and better than 2011.

The celebrations began with the traditional "burning of bad humor" (getting rid of bad vibes) in El Centro near the giant blue sailfish sculpture, and on Friday, March 2, more than 40,000 people viewed a parade down the main boulevard, from Miramar Beach to Las Brisas. Following the parade, in downtown Manzanillo tourists and residents were treated to a "Gay Night Gala," featuring a "drag queen show" with impersonations of famous singers. On Saturday, March 3, once again, the parade will go from Tapextlies to downtown.

Another parade consisted of groups of school children and their teachers dressed in costume. On March 4, with all events concluded, there will be the popular festival: the traditional "burial" of Juan Carnaval.

The mayor acknowledged the participation of hoteliers and restaurateurs of Manzanillo, and also the support provided by the state government for the implementation and continuous improvement of the event.

Ten municipalities in the state participated with floats in the parade. A prize will be given to the best the night of March 3. The floats were designed on flat-bed semi trailers.

The head of tourism hopes the efforts will help Manzanillo gain national publicity, and called the event the "Carnival of Carnivals."

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