By Lucky Dog

I was adopted three-and-a-half years ago by some pretty cool humans at the Scuba Shack, after my former owner (a very cruel man) left me tied to their fence on a choke chain. Being a rather exuberant young pup (especially when there are cats around), my neck was pretty sore from the spikes in that collar.

My new humans went out and got me a new harness, my neck healed quite nicely, and then they asked me to be "spokesdog" for ARA (Friends for a Manzanillo Animal Shelter--in Spanish, "Amigos por un Refugio Animal en Manzanillo, A.C."*) 

You see, some very special people here are trying to help street dogs like me (cats, too), and educate the public (that's you) about the importance of spaying and neutering. (I didn't like that deal one bit, but a girl has to do what a girl has to do. Besides, its not just for us of the feminine gender. Those macho-street-dog-types are gonna get it, too! About time I say!) Other plans include working with the city, whose mayor has promised us a shelter, which means that my girlfriends won't have to be on the streets any longer. The ARA has lots of other goals, and needs your help on their fundraiser: THE THIRD ANNUAL CHRISTMAS BAZAAR!

Last year's event was so great! So many people came! I got to meet lots of humans, and now that I have a good home, I got a chance to show off! I even escaped my harness a few times--what fun it was to have my humans chase me down main street! But, you know, those darn cats are so brazen--teasing me all the time--a dog can only take so much! I just had to go after them.

One of my most favorite things at the bazaar was the dog cookies. They were sooo good! My human Susan left them sitting on one of the tables, and when Carlos came back to the office he started munching on them. I tried to tell him they were MY cookies, but he kept on eating them. Made me want to ruff him up! I was making all kinds of growling, woofing noises, and he just continued to munch. Finally my other human, Susan, returned and informed him he was eating dog cookies! Fortunately, there were a few left for me. For those who don't' know about dog cookies, purchase ARA's new cookbook, soon to be published. What they don't have is sugar, but they have wonderful things like peanut butter. Yum!

When I was on the streets, people kicked me, and didn't want to be near me because I smelled bad, and had so many fleas & ticks. I clean up well, and now everyone who comes into the store gives me pets and hugs. Everyone who came to the bazaar got to meet me and my other canine companion, Sandy, plus a few felines, but that story's for another day.

Want to hear how much money we made at the second annual bazaar? (I use the term "we" loosely, because actually all Sandy and I did was to act adorable, eat leftovers from the humans' lunches, and escape periodically.)

From the articles donated that were sold, plus food and beverage sales, we received about $2,700 USD.

Many thanks to all the people who contributed. The list is long and varied, and because of all of you who love us animals, we will be able to move forward to reach our goal of 100 sterilizations a month. The group works closely with two local vets, so that sterilization of animals can continue year-round.

*Amigos por Refugio Animal en Manzanillo, A.C. is a not-for-profit organization. In addition to the spay/neuter program, the other main goal of the group is to promote public education about pet responsibility. ARA's plans include reinforcing the need to sterilize pets so they do not produce unwanted litters; teach the public the need to pick up animal feces, and proper disposal of same; encourage I.D. collars for pets; stress the importance of vaccines, and explain the necessity of proper food, ample water and secure living conditions for animals. The primary focus of this education is children. For more information or to volunteer go to or e-mail

Dog humor: I couldn't resist adding this to the page!--Lucky