by Sandy, Lucky, Corona & Caballero, Daisy, Chestie, Victoria & Pirate
edited by Susan Dearing
Manzanillo's animal lovers have found various ways to help our furry friends, and even visitors to our community go out of their way to raise funds and give of themselves.

Only 4 hours of planning went into this event entitled, "Going to the Dogs," yet 69 people attended the performance put on by Kevin and Janet Hall (Halls of Magic), at El Caribe, beginning at 6 p.m. 

Kevin started out by walking around the tables, performing magic tricks and comedy.

Obviously, this is Mexico, and, though the show was supposed to start at 6, the guests were still coming in the door at 7 p.m. No one was bored, however, as Kevin created "poodles" out of pearls (first, you had to say, "Arf, Arf!") and performed fabulous slight-of-hand and puzzling card tricks. Finally, the show began, and the audience was torn between amazement and laughter.

For those who were unable to attend, click here and you'll see what you missed. Kevin was never without volunteers from the audience, and managed to get a variety of Manzanillo's residents into some type of "pickle," including the "Sword through the Neck Trick," and the "Double Arm Chopper Illusion."

A full house at El Caribe in Las Brisas, where owner Martin Sanchez Monroy, donated 40% of the bar and food bill to the cause.

David Mahler (photo, right) started out with the sequined red jacket, but miraculously, in seconds, Janet was the wearer. And she was tied up, too. Normally, Kevin and Janet play to crowds of 400-500 people all over the world, so this show was to generate interest for a larger show in the future. Kevin feels that the people who saw this show will be the biggest promoters for their "big" show next year, to benefit one of Manzanillo's charities.

To the tune of Reggae music, Kevin demonstrates to a volunteer how to shred a newspaper and put it back together.

The grand finale was the "Big Straight Jacket/Chain Escape, with an assistant from the audience to make sure it was tight!

Not only are Kevin and Janet animal lovers, but the audience was treated to a visit by another animal fan, Michael Jackson. Impersonated by Freddy Acosta, who was also doing a show at La K'Melia, Michael strutted his stuff to "Smooth Criminal," among other hits.

Freddy also amused the audience with his cigar-smoking friend, "Nicholas," from Cuba. Nicholas decided in the middle of the routine that he needed to use the bathroom, hence the makeshift baņo, made from a plastic chair.

The group of 69 attendees made it possible to donate $6,200 pesos plus $40 to the animals of Manzanillo, specifically to ARA (Amigos por un Refugio Animal/Friends for an Animal Shelter), and PATA (Personas Ayudando a Todo los Animales/Persons Helping All Animals), The money was split equally between the two not-for-profit organizations. For further information on the goals of these two causes, log on to their respective web pages. You'll also learn about more upcoming events that you can participate in.

Note: The authors of this article can be found at Scuba Shack, Km. 15, Blvd. Miguel de la Madrid, Santiago. Donations can be left in our "kitty." You may designate which organization you would like to donate to.