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ARTURO reminds you --

"Your image says everything.
Dare to change & make a difference!"


Visiting ARTURO ALONZO is no ordinary hairdressing experience. Every aspect of our salon is customized to enhance your entire visit.

Beauty is perhaps one of the many things that would lift an individual's self esteem. A monthly visit or two to your local beauty salon, and out you walk, head held high, ready to smile at the world. But before you even walk in, while you're sitting down, explaining to your stylist exactly what you want done, there's always one thing crossing your mind. "Am I in the right hands? Did my stylist really comprehend my vision?"

Anyone, and we mean anyone can take a few classes and call themselves a hairdresser or stylist. But it takes tremendous skills, ability--and most important of all, it takes vision to successfully bring out the inner beauty of each and every one of our customers. Here at Arturo's, our staff is made up of trained professionals whose goals are to simply put a smile on our customer's face the moment they look at themselves in the mirror. We work hard to reach that moment of glory when our customers walk out the door, knowing eyes will be staring at them in awe, wishing they too could look naturally beautiful.

Below is a sample list of the many services and products we offer. As our motto goes, "Your image says everything. Dare to change & make a difference!" Everyone's beautiful, believe it! We do! If you want to feel better about your outer self, while making friends in the process, come and visit us. We guarantee you won't regret it.

A relaxing massage
in air conditioned comfort

Professional hair styling
for men and women

Hair Styling
Acrylic Nails
Make Up
Hair Care Products
Scalp Treatment
Hair ironing
Color Specialists
"Make Over"
Hair Removal
Body Massage
Permanent Artistic Tattoos (you design or we design)
Body Care
Spa Manicure
Spa pedicure

Introducing Mark--


"My clients tell me I do it better than anyone else."

"This is an art form that I really have a connection with."

"It's not what I do, but how I do it that makes it art."

Tattoo practitioners are seen as talented artists 
that create artwork on the most difficult medium,
the living, breathing human body.

Mark Johnson took an interest in tattooing after getting his first tattoo. He has been getting under people's skin for over two decades. Mark prefers to work in black & grey but no matter what style you choose his aim is to make you happy.  He loves art, and believes every customer should be totally satisfied. 

He was attracted to the industry because of the hardcore grittiness of the art and did what it took to excel in his field.

Mark is capable of doing any piece of art in his portfolio--or working with your idea or sketch. He pairs his artistic abilities with his sense of realism in bold color design. From custom tribal to the most mind-boggling biomechanical installations, he is the specialist that you have been looking for!


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E-mail Mark: tattoo.manzanillo@yahoo.com

ARTURO'S HOURS: 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. (Walk-ins Welcome)

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