Eco-Adventures in Paradise

What is an eco-adventure? It's a tour that lets you explore the natural and historical side of the state of Colima and Manzanillo. 
  • See natural wonders, taste native foods, view natural habitats, learn about conservation efforts.
  • Experience the real Mexico, its people, culture, traditions.
  • Learn about the local history from an experienced, English-speaking guide.


Make a B-I-G splash and have a great time! Play in the pool at the base of the 100-foot waterfall, explore the crystal-clear spring-fed creek, swim through the sheer-walled canyon into a serene arroyo with a water-carved grotto, and slide down the 3-story water slide in the new public park. On the drive there you'll enjoy Colima's "Jurassic Park," an ageless tangle of Mexican jungle, highlighted by flowering trees and the songs of colorful birds. Be sure to bring your camera, bathing suit, towel, and shoes you don't mind getting wet!



Centuries-old legends say that more than 3,000 years ago the God of Fire look down from the inactive volcano, to advise and give solace to the inhabitants of the region. His hot-tempered younger brother, who resided in the Volcan de Colima, instilled fear in the hearts of his worshippers. You will always remember the first view of the majestic mountains of Colima. The inactive, snow-capped Nevado de Colima, towering at 14,200 ft. and its erupting partner, Volcan de Colima, at more than 13,000 ft. overlook a lush, forested valley and tranquil lagoon. Awesome!



One of the most interesting archeological sites in the state, privately owned. The gorgeous, perfectly groomed, tree-shaded grounds are graced with a myriad of walkways lined with large and small rock petroglyphs, hundreds of mortars and pestles, a ceremonial bed or two, and covers from the 200-plus tombs that were excavated at Tampu. There's a display case for more delicate items, such as jewelry, copper money rings, clay idols, incense burners, clay sculptures and mammoth teeth, all found on the property. Overlooking a deep gorge, Tampu is a perfect place for photos. Most of the stone carvings you see on the premises are between 1,500 and 2,000 years old. A great way to spend a half day and have a Mexican-style lunch.



Manzanillo's best features are its beautiful bays and coves, teeming with colorful fish and corals. On this eco-adventure, you get a chance to stay cool, and view the Pacific Ocean's abundant sea life, such as the gulf turtle the snorkeler is holding at left. The tour visits 3 spots: a 10,000-year-old coral reef, Elephant Rock, and our 82-year-old shipwreck, sitting in only 25 ft. of water. Fun for the whole family, including all equipment, a cooler of beer and sodas, modern snorkeling equipment, and an trained guide.


Wonder what's really down there? Want to go down and find out with a qualified PADI instructor? We guarantee there's no sharks, but there's coral of all colors and lots of fish! Learn to dive in the safety of a pool (all classes are private with as much time as you need), and then go out with a trained and certified dive professional and explore a quiet cove underwater for about an hour. It's easy and you'll be hooked! Ages 8-80 can participate! Classes are conducted by Underworld Scuba-Scuba Shack, with a 100% safety record and a solid, 12-year reputation in Manzanillo. This class and dive can also be applied to the cost of a full open water certification with PADI, the world's largest and best diving organization..


Although Manzanillo is not officially known as a dive destination, hundreds of scuba divers every year enjoy the blue depths of our quiet bays. Anywhere you drop an anchor is a new dive with different underwater landscaping and many unusual fish, not seen anywhere else. From novice to advanced diver, there's a great dive spot for you, offered by the professionals at Underworld Scuba - Scuba Shack. Don't worry about bringing your dive gear; we have plenty! Let's go down! Upgrades available for 2-tank boat dive.



The day starts off with an amazing drive through miles of coconut palms, and the 31-mile-long Cuyutlan lagoon. You'll see water birds, banana plantations, salt mining, brick making, and finally arrive at the sanctuary. Turtles of all sizes are being raised and studied in pools, then finally released into the sea. There's even an alligator in captivity who poses for photos. You'll also have a chance to see the Salt Museum, and have refreshments or lunch on a beach made entirely of black sand.



Enjoy authentic Mexican Mariachi music from a variety of male and female artists.  A 2-hour variety show at a local establishment, complete with 2 drinks each. If you want to go where all the locals go for family fun and entertainment, make sure you visit a "botanero," unique to the state of Colima. In addition to the entertainment, you may hire a Mariachi band to play at your table, or play the "rifas," or raffle, where you have a 1-in-20 chance to win pesos! Many of the entertainers sell CDs and cassettes, so you can take home a memory of Mexican favorites.



Comala is a delightful Mexican town at the base of the volcano, with a typical town square, restaurants around the square, a market, an old Catholic church and strolling Mariachi bands. Comala is famous for home-brewed coffee, pomegranate, peanut, and coconut punches, and a special bread. The neighboring Indian village of Suchitlan has a charming restaurant built in a coffee plantation, and is famous for handmade masks. The Hacienda de Nogueras has been made into a historical museum. You'll visit all three.



Downtown Manzanillo is getting a new look, with a boardwalk along the harbor, a remodeled downtown area, more shopping, and more atmosphere. In this tour you'll see it all, including the red light district, the lagoon, the waterfront, the market, and we'll give you plenty of time to shop. Included is a stop at the oldest beach in Manzanillo, San Pedrito (the shark fisherman's camp), snacks and drinks at Manzanillo's oldest social club from the 1940s, "Bar Social" (it hasn't changed a bit),  and a tour of our new museum of antiquities.



When driving north of Manzanillo, you will see some of the prettiest country in the world! Acres of coconut and banana plantations, the Marabasco River, orchards of mango and lime trees, and fields of chili peppers. Upon arriving in Barra de Navidad, you'll get a tour of the ocean and lagoon, sip a "coco loco," (one of Jimmy Buffet's favorite concoctions), and maybe have a siesta in one of the hammocks provided at a laid-back thatched-roof restaurant. There's time for shopping at the pedestrian mall, and you'll have a chance to visit the "Christ of the Fallen Arms" Catholic church and learn about the miracle that took place in 1971.


These sit-on-top inflatable kayaks make the trip easy and fun! You start out with a tour of the Juluapan Lagoon where you'll see hundreds of water birds, including herons, pelicans, frigates, ducks, crakes and sandpipers. The kayaks have comfortable, adjustable padded seats to make it a great trip no matter what your age. After about an hour's paddle, we'll break for snacks and refreshments, then head out to the 10,000-year-old coral reef called the "Aquarium," in only 3 to 10 ft. of water. Enjoy nature both above and below the water!


Your choice of an easy hike up La Juntas creek, perfect for ages 8-80, or a hike (a little more challenging) to "El Corazon," a heart-shaped pool, about 20 minutes up the creek coming from El Salto Waterfalls. You'll be able to commune with nature to your heart's content, and if it gets too hot for you, stop in any one of several places in the creek to get wet and cool down. If you'd like a 360 degree view of Manzanillo and its bays, take a hike up to "La Cruz," or The Cross. It only takes about 20 minutes, and you're at the top of the mountain. 

We have walks for you, we have hikes. Whether it's five miles along winding roads you desire or a steeper ascent to a rocky peak, we have both. We always have two guides per trip to accommodate both slower and faster walkers and to appeal to the casual but enthusiastic walker as well as the experienced hiker. 

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