EL CARIBE is waiting for you with a very interesting menu specializing in seafood, but with chicken and beef as well. Breakfast buffet offered on Sunday during high season.

On the ocean, and owner Sammy promises to take care of you. 

Beautiful sunsets and view of the bay.

After the Las Brisas traffic circle, go two blocks and turn right. Try the Hawaiian Shrimp!

For reservations phone 333-8212.
Closed Tuesdays. Open from noon to 10 p.m.

For more info, including El Caribe's full menu, click here.


New location: In Santiago, on Blvd. Miguel de la Madrid, ac4ross the street from Juanito's.


A "cazuela" is a clay pot, but Pedro has taken a Mexican  cooking utensil and made a delicious fruit drink with Tequila, served in a cazuela.

 Pedro suggests you try his specialty, succulent Shrimp "Kiss Me Darling," and his wife Nena's delicious tortilla soup.

Cheeseburger and fries, $35 pesos

1/4 chicken with fries, $35 pesos

Tacos dorados, $25 pesos

Giant shrimp cocktail, $75 pesos

Shrimp as you like it, $90 pesos

and more!!!

Recommended restaurants will have a + in front of the name. This does not mean that other restaurants are not worthy; it simply means that the author prefers the ones mentioned.


Las Brisas is a 2-mile-long strip of older hotels and smaller restaurants and bars. The information on Las Brisas come from the Manzanillo tourist guide: "Manzanillo and the state of Colima: Facts, Tips and Day Trips."

+ RESTAURANT/BAR VAQUERO: good mesquite-broiled steaks, sold by the kilo (2.2 lb.) Hint: 1 kilo is for four people, a half-kilo is for 2, and one-quarter kilo is an individual order. You do not have to buy a full kilo. Or you can order your steaks by the gram: 350 grams is a regular steak, and if you’re really hungry, go for a 500-gram cut. The menu is in Spanish, but there are English-speaking waiters. A delicious steak is called arrachera (marinated, tender flank steak). It can be ordered "especial," which means a thicker cut, and much more flavorful and tender. Bean soup is served with the meal, as are chips and salsa. Baked potatoes are available ala carte, as are tasty grilled sweet onions. The charm of this place is that it’s designed like an old-fashioned cantina, but it’s air-conditioned. Credit cards accepted. No need for reservations. Weekend evenings often have a singer with keyboard.

+EL CARIBE: See ad. Excellent Hawaiian Shrimp. Beautiful sunsets! On the beach.

TIBURON BLANCO: Open late nights only, with some pretty loud music and cheap beers. This type of restaurant is called a "botanero." (A botana is a snack in Spanish.) Normally at botaneros, you pay for what you drink and the snacks are free.

TACOS RAMON: Cheap and fast tacos. Order as many as you want, asada (grilled chopped beef) or adobada (grilled, but in a spicy barbecue marinade). Also offering birria (goat soup) in the mornings, a popular dish. Open very late, so you can stop for a snack after the discos close.

+ HOTEL LA POSADA: Famous for it’s American-style breakfasts, featuring omelets, French toast, pancakes, fresh fruit and juice, bacon or ham. Includes all-you-can-drink coffee, tea. Breakfast from 8 to 10 a.m. only. Lunches are excellent, too, with giant club sandwiches, hamburgers and cheeseburgers (the best in town), fresh fish sandwiches, grilled ham and cheese, and barbequed pork on a bun. Comes with a pot of bean soup and cole slaw. Lunch is served from 1-3 p.m. only.

HOTEL MARINA PUERTO DORADO: Nice little thatched-roof restaurant offering seafood, chicken and beef. Good variety (sometimes), not expensive, great view, on the beach. They seem to change chefs a lot, so quality of food will vary.

SUSHI OMBLIGO: Sidewalk bar, and sushi says it all. At the Las Brisas traffic circle, next to Auto Rentas de Mexico and Vaquero.


The "Zona Hotelera," or hotel zone, has many fine restaurants and bars concentrated in a 3-mile strip, just north of the glorietta of Las Brisas (where the stylized sculpture of a sailboat is in its center). The restaurants mentioned below are part of a list found in the Manzanillo tourist guide: 

"Manzanillo and the state of Colima: Facts, Tips and Day Trips."

+MONKEY'S FRIED CHICKEN: Better than the Colonel's. Don't go anyplace else for your fried chicken fix. Between the Farmacia Guadalajara and Bancomer on the east side of the street near Plaza Manzanillo. Eat in or to go. All your favorites. Chicken, nuggets, great French fries, mashed potatoes and gravy, biscuits. 

CABAÑA DE GAUS: Try the ribs, and the super taco. Great variety of Mexican food. Opens at 6:30 p.m. Gaus will make you feel welcome. Very good prices. Turn east at the Salagua light; it is just past the church on the left. Great atmosphere.

EL CAPORAL: A botanero, only open in the afternoons and early evenings. Live music, live shows at 4 and 7 p.m. Raffles, family entertainment, Mexican-style. Located down an alley between the Sol Deposito and the SIX convenience store on the east side. Hard to find the first time, but worth looking for, if you want to see what the locals do for entertainment.

LA HUERTA I: Another seafood restaurant on the beach. Nothing spectacular about it. Passable seafood, but once again, overcooked. It used to be on Blvd. M. de La Madrid, across from the Sol Deposito, but has relocated to across the street from the Superior beer deposito, on the beach side.

+ COLIMA BAY CAFÉ: The "in" place to go to party or eat in Manzanillo. Formerly part of the Anderson Group, with an atmosphere like Señor Frog's or Carlos' n Charlies'. Action doesn't start until after 10 p.m. Owner and staff are great. Try the ribs, or the giant shrimp, but be prepared; it's not cheap to eat and drink here. Popular with the young and young-at-heart. No cover if you eat dinner. If you want to sit in the bar, better get there at 8 or 9 p.m. for a good seat. Closed Sundays. Phone 333-0168 for reservation. On the beach, with oceanfront tables.

+DON ANDREAS: This charming restaurant is on a ranch, and you'll enjoy watching geese, peacocks, ducks, guinea fowl, and chickens strolls around the green grass area. Ostrich are in a pen nearby, and are characters to watch, with their long eyelashes and beautiful plumage. Excellent shrim kabob (called brochetta de cameron). Many other specialties. Set way in off the main street of Elias Zamora Verdusco.

+ SUNSET LOUNGE: serving a variety of quick cuisine. Nice atmosphere, clean, friendly staff. Serving lunch and dinner from 1-12 p.m. Located on Blvd. M. de La Madrid, one block north of Colima Bay Café. On the beach, with a great view of Manzanillo ay and the harbor.

BIGOTE'S II: Blvd. De la Madrid #3157, across from the soccer field. On the ocean, serving seafood only. One of the few places that has young, female waitresses. It's good that the owners give young girls a job, but they should be able to speak some English, and learn how to understand gringos' English and butchered Spanish. A class in "Waiting Tables 101" would also be helpful. At least the ladies have pretty smiles. Seafood has a tendency to be overcooked, as does most seafood in town. There is a Banamex ATM adjoining the restaurant. How convenient!

+ EL CHIPOTLE: At the corner of the entrance to Las Hadas (Av. Manzanillo/Av. Audiencia and Blvd. Miguel de la Madrid). We've been getting some bad reports lately about the quality of food and service for this place. Kind of noisy being right on the corner.

LA CASITA: On Blvd. M. de La Madrid #3181-A. Serving hamburgers and tortas. Try the "taco loco." Inexpensive. They deliver, phone 334-1100 and 334-1545.

OLÉ OLÉ: Comedy club, but all the jokes are in Spanish. Pool and billiard tables in the front, bar in back. Acts change monthly. Keep track of your tab; it's been said the management will add a few extra drinks to your bill.

SUBWAY, AND JUEGA, JUEGA (a casino): Subway is the same American chain, but they don't seem to be able to put much meat in a sandwich here. The casino has inexpensive food, and it's air conditioned. Their shrimp wrapped in bacon is tasty. They are located in the plaza where the Office Max is.

BURGER KING: Franchise just like home. Don't think you're going to get served fast in this fast food joint, however, especially if you "have it your way." Located in the Plaza Gaviotas mall where the Soriana supermarket is.

KFC, STARBUCKS, DAIRY QUEEN: Another small shopping center, Plaza Brizza, has these familiar franchises, across from the Wal-Mart.

SIMPLEMETE DELI: You wouldn't know this great restaurant is tucked away behind the KFC, next to DQ. Great salads, sandwiches, bagel treats, "smoothies," wraps, pitas, and yummy desserts. Serving breakfast and lunch.  Internet, they deliver. Phone: 335-6111, 334-6492

FIESTA MEXICANA HOTEL has a restaurant on the beach with a nice cheery atmosphere and friendly waiters. Okay for hotel food.

BIGOTES I: Same comments about Bigote's II. On the beach.

BENEDETTI'S PIZZA DELIVERY: Located in the Suites Las Palmas shopping plaza. Phone 334-4040 or 333-3000.

CECI'S CENADURIA: These are the places that serve Mexican food at inexpensive prices. Don't be afraid to try something new.

TACO'S LA SONRISA: Another taco place that's open late, and there's usually a crowd, which means the prices are good and so is the food.

HOTEL MARBELLA: Two restaurants, for casual and elegant dining, one air conditioned. On the beach. Excellent service, good food, nicely decorated. Can be reserved for private parties.

+ SEÑOR SUSHI: Used to be Sushi Express. Sushi and other Japanese favorites. They say the sushi is good, but not being a sushi connoisseur, I usually go for the chicken, beef or shrimp tepan yaki (or something like that). The skewers with meat or fried cheese are great appetizers, and the totori salad is different, but it has lots of chicken and is a meal in itself. Make sure you mix the salad up first before you eat it. On the Blvd. de La Madrid at km 10.

+LA PERGOLA: Excellent hotel and restaurant, with an Austrian manager and chef (Wolfgang) that whips up some incredible sauces and imaginative dishes. He'll also make you German food. One block south of the Plaza Manzanillo on the sea side. Happy hour with great margaritas. Tell Wolfgang gomanzanillo sent you, and you'll be assured of superior service and food. See advertisement and web page.

+ EL FOGON: I just love the atmosphere of this place, and the beer is always cold, but most things seem to be overcooked. The steaks are tough; the Aztec soup is tasty, but sometimes not hot. If you're not happy with your meal, say something, please. They will never learn how to deal with tourists, if you don't give them an education in food preparation. A few sent back meals might help them improve. The "chamorro," a roasted ham shank, is excellent. This restaurant is right next door to Señor Sushi.

+EL CABALLITO: Inexpensive, fast, with good service and nice atmosphere. Everything from steaks to seafood. Next door to El Fogon. Free beer with your meal.

+ BAR DE FELIX: Next door to Vog is this bar, with more of a Mexican flair. Also, older men and women frequent this place. Cheaper prices, no cover (except on holidays). Opens about 9 p.m., but no one arrives until much later.

+GODZILLA'S RESTAURANT & SPORTS BAR: Tucked in between Bar de Felix & Vog Disco, this great restaurant is air conditioned, and you can watch the latest sports games on TV. Excellent fish & chips, jalapeño poppers, chili-cheese dogs & fries, cobb salad, and other specialties that you can't get any place else in town.

+VOG: The most popular disco. No shorts allowed. Cover charge.

MIAMI BEACH: A strip bar, featuring girls doing the Mexican bump and grind.

+ PORTOFINO'S PIZZA: Tasty pizza but no pepperoni. Salchicha means sausage, but in Mexico, it usually means hot dogs. Salami is the same in Spanish or English. Excellent homemade dessert, "carlotta," similar to key lime pie, but better. Other dishes--alfredo, ravioli, and lasagna are good also. Spaghetti sauce doesn't have much oregano, and tastes a little too much like Mexican salsa for my taste. Nice decorating, friendly atmosphere, quiet. They deliver to your hotel or condo, call 334-1333. Portofino’s islocated next door to Colima Bay Café.

DOMINO'S PIZZA: The first American fast food chain in Manzanillo! Same as back home. They deliver. phone 333-3600. Across from the Ford dealership (#10).

PLAZA MANZANILLO: The Comercial Mexicana supermarket has been enlarged, and there's a fast food section with tortas, fried chicken and hot dogs. Inside the plaza, there's also a sit-down area, with several types of fast (sometimes) food. Outside, there's Chantilly, which serves breakfast and snacks, and also a roast chicken (to go) place. There is a Benedetti's Pizza in the corner, outside, phone 333-1592. There are also several ice cream shops inside the plaza if you have a sweet tooth, and in Mexico, there are some very unusual flavors of ice cream. Coffee Max, at the entrance to the Plaza has excellent coffee (coffee is for sale, too),  and home made desserts. The Gallery, next to Coffee Max has a variety of baguettes, and deli sandwiches. On the other side of Coffee Max is a sushi restaurant.

KARMINA PALACE: This hotel has two restaurants, THE GRILL and BOUGAINVILLAS. You do not need reservations. Just tell the guard at the entrance gate you want to go for lunch or dinner.

LA TOSCANA: Specializing in French cuisine, menu items include duck à l’orange, rack of lamb, giant shrimp wrapped in bacon, and lobster. Still located on the beach with a spectacular view of Manzanillo Bay, the harbor and Las Hadas. Live classical guitar music adds to the ambiance. Reservations recommended at Toscana, phone 333-2515. Note: Toscana has been getting mixed reviews from its customers. Some locals, who have known Francois forever, seem to get excellent food and service. Some newcomers, however, complain about rude waiters who hurry you through your meal (never done in Mexico), and average food. Your comments are needed so that Francois can serve you better. He really does care, and many locals believe it is THE PLACE to have an elegant and delicious meal.


On Av. Audiencia (entrance to Las Hadas), there are several restaurants and bars to make note of:

HOTEL TESORO: Two restaurants, LOS TIBORES on the 7th floor ("R" for restaurant floor) and the other LA HIDRA, on the first floor by the pool. The latter has a Sunday brunch that is very nice. Make reservations, 333-2000.

LAS HADAS: Also has two restaurants, LEGASPI and LOS DELFINES. The latter is on the ocean with a great view. Both expensive. Reservations, call 334-0000, and ask for either restaurant. You must have reservations to get through the main gate. 

LOS TUCANES has a cheerful palapa-roofed restaurant next to the pool. Nice atmosphere, breezy, okay food. No reservations are necessary.

DOLPHIN COVE INN: Nice little restaurant, convenient for guests of Dolphin Cove, and vacationers staying on the Peninsula de Santiago, including Las Hadas. Whether you walk up to it or come down from the street, there are a lot of steps.

ON THE BEACH: If you plan to spend the day at Audiencia Beach, try out the little restaurant on the right. Want to snorkel or do watersports? By having drinks or food there, they’ll watch your belongings. Try renting an umbrella and sling-back chairs, and have your food brought to you. Good food. Not expensive. Seafood only.

HOYO 19:  The "19th Hole" Restaurant/Bar in the Plaza Pacifico. People say the food is good. When I went to try it, the red wine tasted like vinegar, so decided not to investigate further.

CATRINA'S RESTAURANT/BAR: Various snacks, reasonably-priced drinks, live entertainment during high season. In the same shopping plaza that Hoyo 19 is.



Beginning at the entrance to Las Hadas, and ending with the road to L'Recif (Vida del Mar), these restaurants comprise the Bahia de Santiago, a 5-mile-long stretch with numerous large and small restaurants, bars and nightclubs. This information was obtained from the 170-page tourist guidebook: "Manzanillo and the state of Colima: Facts, Tips and Day Trips."

+ K'MELIA'S: A botanero with live entertainment, such as Mariachi music, with free snacks. Great atmosphere, comfortable seating, excellent for large groups, or intimate twosomes. Good service, so far, clean bathrooms, comfortable seating.

+SCHOONERS: Great menu. Roast beef, fish & chips, French dip, potato salad, meaty ribs, hot wings, and lots more. Daily specials. Another meeting place for Manzamigos. Manny and T will make you feel welcome. Don't miss this one! Located across the street from the IMSS clinic in Santiago, just north of where the Tianguis open-air market is on Saturday, and about a block south of Juanito's on the same side of the street.

JAQUE'S: A gay night club, host to the "Mr. Gay" pageant of 2012.

+ TACOS JULIO’S: Very inexpensive, with unusual menu offerings, such as "sexy nopales," which is a condiment made with chopped cactus, onion, tomato and cilantro. Carne en su jugo (beef and bean soup) is good at both, and frijoles charro (bean soup with melting cheese on top) is also very good. Watch them make tortillas by hand. Also serving beer in frosted mugs. Next door to Tacos Julio, try "agues de frutas naturales" (natural fruit water drink). Delicious and thirst-quenching. Homemade ice cream there, too.

+ JUANITO’S: One of the most popular restaurants in town for locals and gringos. Great breakfasts (both Mexican and American favorites), a varied lunch menu, including hamburgers, fried chicken, barbequed ribs, milkshakes, and Mexican food (some of the best in town). Very inexpensive. Sometimes they are very busy and service gets a little slow, but ask for something and you’ll get it. Watch cable TV or read an American newspaper while you wait. Family owned and managed by John and Esperanza Corey. Phone and fax service, photo copies made, internet café. Open 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily. Phone 333-1388 or fax 333-2019

+SAM'S PIZZA: Excellent pizza and great salads. Other menu items, too, such as tortas, queso fundito, and the only place in town you can get a root beer float. Wine and beer served.  Delivery service, too. Phone 334-6688. Derek, the owner is from Canada. for complete info. Across from Scuba Shack at light, 2 blocks north of Juanito's restaurant on the opposite side of the street.

A nice restaurant right on the ocean with a great view of the bay. Open during the day and night, with great sunsets. An extension of the Vista Club Playa de Oro. Call 333-1870 (Plya de Oro), and ask for extension 6765 to speak to the restaurant.

+BORA'S: Next door to Margarita's above, this "Jimmy Buffet-style" beach bar opens at 6-ish and has live rock and roll music. Great place to hang out and watch the surfers below.

LA PALAPA: A popular seafood restaurant on the beach at Miramar about in front of the Maeva. Very casual, sand-floored, where just your beach clothes will do just fine. Get some sun and fun on the beach (boogie boards for rent here), then have lunch.

+EL TABLAO: An excellent selection of both seafood and char-broiled beef, with a lobster and wine dinner as their specialty. Good atmosphere, friendly service, beautiful view. Music on weekends; hours 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. to midnight. In front of Club Maeva, phone 335-0522. Closed Sunday night.

CHAYO'S: Just north of the road to Vida del Mar (on the east side of the road) is a charming Mexican-styled restaurant with some of the best food around. Mexican plates, as well as BBQ and fish sandwiches, club sandwiches and hamburgers. Very reasonably priced and delicious.

MARLIN SENORIAL RESTAURANT: The newest addition to the Tenisol complex is this charming restaurant on the second floor, overlooking the pool and hotel grounds. Favorites, such as hamburgers and Philly cheese steak sandwiches, and continental cuisine during the evenings, including filet of dorado, grilled lobster, red snapper, and much more. The owner of Tenisol, Julian Gonzales, and his son (also Julian), are working very hard to update Tenisol and provide their clients and local residents of Club Santiago with a new dining experience. They invite all visitors to Manzanillo to try out their new restaurant. Snack bar below offers a swim-up bar, and satellite TV for your favorite sporting events. Turn in at Club Santiago and go about six blocks. The Tenisol complex is on the left, and walking to the right around the pool, you’ll find the restaurant near the pool bar.

RAMADAS AT LA BOQUITA: Ramadas have thatched roofs, are usually located on the beach, and serve seafood and drinks, including fresh raw oysters and clams. An unusual treat is coconut water, advertised as "cocos." When you order a coco, the top will be opened with a machete, ice will be dropped in the hole along with a little sugar and line, and you sip the milk. In some armadas, they’ll offer to add gin, or make a "coco loco" (a drink containing the milk, and a blend of tequila, rum, gin, and vodka), guaranteed to give you a long siesta. Once you’ve finished your coco, ask them to prepare the meat. They’ll split open the shell and carve out the meat from the coconut. Eat it with slat, lime and hot sauce. Try it and you’ll be sold on our regional snack.

The author’s favorite restaurant is + Marildo’s, which is the second ramada from the end. All their seafood is guaranteed fresh, and you can even pick out your own fish. Red snapper (huachinango) is their specialty. When you pick yours out, it is weighed, and you are charged by the kilo. Try it "sarandeado" and you won’t be disappointed. If you order from the menu, ask to see the fish you will be eating. Though this isn’t done at Marildo’s, in other restaurants sometimes two small fish will be served instead of one large one to give you the gram weight you’ve ordered. If they have lobster, ask to see it first, and pick the one you like. You will be charged by what it weighs. Note: Fish are normally served whole, with the head and tail intact. A filet of dorado is the meat only. Shrimp are served in the shell, intact, unless you ask for them "sin cascaras." Lobster is always served in the shell, split in half lengthwise. Seafood soup is often made from fish carcasses, so if you see an eyeball floating in your soup, don’t be surprised. Shrimp cocktail is served warm, in the juice it was cooked in, and it’s up to you to add salsa picante, avocados, salsa Mexicana, lime, salt and catsup until you have the flavor and consistency you want.

To find the La Boquita restaurants, enter Club Santiago, continue straight ahead until you get to the dirt road, and follow the dirt road to the end. You’ll enjoy the restful Mexican atmosphere of eating under a thatched roof, or even an umbrella, right on the beach, with the ocean only a few feet away.

LA BOQUITA RESTAURANT: Taking the Vida del Mar road and turning left instead of right when it "Ts" will get you to this restaurant at Palma Real Resort. Open-aired with a palapa roof and brightly colored tablecloths, great view, good food, friendly waiters. Reservations are not necessary.

+PATA'S RESTAURANT & BAR, MELAQUE: Though this place is not in Manzanillo, it is worth stopping at if you're going up to Melaque. Norma and Debra, owners have great food, and also have an inexpensive hotel, Posada Agueda, where you can get a good night's rest for only $30 US. Phone (315) 355-9012, or e-mail

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