Why Live in Tierra Alta?

Simply, because it's one of the most gorgeous places on the planet. Most visitors agree.

But that's just the beginning. Apart from the literally breathtaking landscape, which long-time residents never tire of, Tierra Alta is blessed with a mild climate which many find almost perfect.

And there's a rare combination of natural beauty, a 2,000-year-old pre-Hispanic history, and, just minutes away, cosmopolitan culture.

What is Tierra Alta?

Tierra Alta can be your new home. This new planned development was the inspiration of the Silva-Ochoa family that has lived in Colima for 5 generations. Now the family members have decided to share its beauty and spirituality with others.

It's this combination of natural and civilized which is so unique. This is one of the few places on the planet where you can be out walking in one of the most spectacular woodlands in the world and a half-hour later be feasting on a gastronomic delight in a sophisticated bistro.

An unusual stone carving of two people, back-to-back, possibly bound together, dating back 2,000 years. One is shorter than the other--man and woman?

While excavating the roads for the subdivision, the crew came upon some pottery shards and other pre-Hispanic artifacts. Construction was halted and a team of archeologists was called in. 

Several objects of historical importance were found--including a skeleton--and the artifacts were taken away to be studied and dated. 

The Silva-Ochoa family not only supported, but encouraged the research and digging, even though it meant temporarily stopping the project, and are continuing to do so. 

They believe this lush terrain has much more than a monetary value, but a historical one as well.

Close-up of the stone carving.

Main entrance from highway

Finally, the way has been cleared to build the main entrance road, but there is still some evidence of the past remaining. 

Efforts have been made to protect a small Chapel, where it is believed the "Cristeros" hid, in the 1920s. 

This was a time when Mexico's then president outlawed the Catholic religion, and Catholic Christians were victims of religious persecution, and even murder.

Ruins of the chapel where the "Cristeros" hid.

Other sections of the property have the remains of buildings and walls. It is not known yet whether these were built by ancient peoples, or by the Cristeros to use as a hide-out. 

The Silva-Ochoa family plans to leave the steps, walls and foundations as part of the complex. They believe the structures will enhance the value of the property, as well as give the families who live there a story to tell visitors.

When you walk around the complex, there is a spirituality about the place that calls to you. The area, which is zoned Country-Residential, will eventually be a gated community. Lots average 1,200 square meters (almost 1/3 acre), and there are three price categories: land on hill; land level, and land in the valley. 

Tierra Alta gives you that range of choices. And somehow manages to nurture your spirit at the same time.

Where is Tierra Alta?

The highway to El Chivato, rural living at its best

Tierra Alta, or "High Land," is located at about 3,000 ft. just north of the City of Colima in a small village called El Chivato. 

Most of your neighbors have large estates, or ranches. It is quiet and peaceful in this part of the state at about 3,000 ft, higher than the city of Colima, and close to the volcanoes.

In addition, there's the convenience of the Colima Airport being just 30 minutes from Tierra Alta, and Manzanillo's International Airport is only 2 hours away. Guadalajara's International airport is only 2 hours away.

Your neighbor's driveway, quiet and peaceful

Because the state of Colima attracts visitors and residents from all over the world, you can enjoy many of the amenities of a larger city. There's great shopping with City Club, Sam's Club, Office Depot, Waldo's and Wal-Mart minutes away. There are dozens of wonderful restaurants to satisfy the appetite of any gourmet, as well as fast food fare, including McDonald's, Burger King, Domino's Pizza, and KFC. The new Liverpool Mall is being built less than15 minutes from your front door. The Soriana Plaza also has a 6-theatre cinema, and you're close to the pyramids of La Campana and El Chanal, constructed 2,000 years ago.

The University of Colima is also located in Colima City, and its cultural programs, such as the Folkloric Ballet, are known all over the world. Colima has the highest level of education per capital, more than any other state in Mexico, as well as the lowest crime rate in the country.

Views of Tierra Alta and from Tierra Alta, including the Fire Volcano

And then there are the incredible sunsets...

Are you ready to experience a tranquil way of living, a new-found freedom and a special bond with nature?