Views from Las Golondrinas

Only a few steps and you're in the magical, warm waters of Santiago Bay. Straight out from your terrace is a 150-foot shipwreck that sunk in the hurricane of 1959. A few hundred yards to the right of the "Poza Rica," is another sunken ship, the "San Luciano," downed by the same storm. Both are in less than 25-ft. of water, and are perfect for diving and snorkeling. In the corner of the bay, and only a 10-minute walk away, is a 10,000-year-old coral reef.

View from the upstairs  master bedroom terrace. The beach is composed of fine volcanic sand, sparkling with gold flecks of iron pyrite. Though one of the safest areas in Mexico, it is constantly patrolled by walking and riding tourist police. This is a friendly area that only sees heavy traffic and tourists on major holidays.