Elena Moncada

Elena has been a jewelry designer and jeweler since 1968. Originally from Guadalajara, Mexico, Elena always had an attraction to silver, even though she wasn't born to a family of jewelers.

While studying industrial design in college, she discovered some of the capabilities of this precious metal when it is hand worked.

In 1990 she apprenticed with CITLALI silversmiths. Following her studies with this well known shop, Elena began work on her own, where she continued to hone her skills and design a collection of unique hand made pieces, perfecting techniques such as piercing, chasing, repoussť, forming and forging.

At the same time she developed a line of pieces to be marketed under the brand, "Lagartijas."

In 1994 Senorita Moncada received two prizes in the 6th National Handcrafted Jewelry Competition in Mexico City, in two different categories: "Silver" and "Mixed Materials."

Elena was again awarded two national prizes in 1997: First and second place in the "Silver" category, in the 9th annual competition described above.

For examples of Elena Moncada's exquisite jewelry, visit: MARIA CUMB…