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Manzanillo and the State of Colima
Tourist & New Resident Guidebook

by Susan Dearing

(Susan is an 25-year resident of Mexico with 22 years in Manzanillo. She has written more than 100 feature articles about Mexico for various Internet web sites, including her own:

 (Endorsed by the department of tourism of the state of Colima, and the city of Manzanillo.)


Barra de Navidad and Melaque Tourist & New Resident Guidebook

Is your brain pickled trying to find where to go or what to do?

This tourist guidebook won't strain your brain!


Finally, a book by a 22-year resident of the area that will make your stay in Manzanillo EASY and FUN

You'll SAVE MONEY, too!  


Thousands of copes sold. This is Susan's 10th anniversary for her book, updated continuously.


This 150-page book, "FACTS, TIPS & DAY TRIPS, guide to COLIMA & MANZANILLO includes:

1.  Hotels, Motels,and Condos, their prices, services offered, addresses and phone numbers.

  2.  Restaurants, Bars and Discos, a description and critique of food and services, prices, locations and phone numbers.

  3. History of Manzanillo and the state of Colima

  4.  Area Maps including The state of Colima,  Manzanillo's beaches, City of Colima, City of Manzanillo, the Hotel Zone, Santiago, Peninsula de Santiago, Club Santiago, Barra de Navidad and Melaque, and more.

   5. Where to shop, have your car fixed, doctors, dentists, veterinarians, travel agencies, banks and money exchanges, pharmacies, hospitals, art museums, post offices, health spas,
places to buy sun umbrellas to avoid exposure, and places to buy drinks with little umbrellas, and more!

  6.  Day trips and half day trips to all the towns in the surrounding areas. Lists what these towns have to offer (ruins, lakes, waterfalls, hot springs, crafts), what to see and how to take your own tour.

  7.  How to buy real estate and other real estate info for those wanting to invest or stay for awhile.

  8.  Tips
about bargaining, bribes, street beggars, emergency phone numbers, airlines, bullfights, car rentals, caIling home, traffic signs, chile peppers, cockfights, consulate offices, customs and immigration, size and weight conversion charts, drug laws, green angels, gringos, holidays and fiestas, phoning home, Mariachi songs, macho men, Montezuma's Revenge, pets, police, retiring in Mexico, siesta time, how not to get ripped off by taxis, gas stations and other dishonest and greedy people, (not to say all taxis and gas stations are dishonest) Spanish pronunciation guide and Spanish dictionary, speed bumps, signal lights, sunburn, tequila, the volcano, hiking, jogging, watersports, hunting, health spas, deep sea fishing, horseback riding and more!

9. Photos and more photos, and graphics! Makes for more info and fun reading! True stories about Manzanillo experiences!

Though some of the above categories are listed on the web site, the guidebook contains more detailed information.

Are your eyes getting bloodshot trying to find information?

Have you seen the new tourist guidebook?


More than 80 pages of history, information, hotels, motels, condos, retreats, restaurants, bars, shopping, fantastic photos, maps, and much, much more!

All up-to-date and ready to help your find the perfect place to stay in the Costa Allegre!


To receive your very own copy of 
Manzanillo and the state of Colima--Facts, Tips and Day Trips," 
or, "Barra de Navidad & Melaque--Facts, Tips & Day Trips,"
order with
where you may pick the book you want and the method of shipping.

If you are not a member of Pay Pal, and don't wish to become one, you may also order the book by e-mailing Susan, where you can also ask any other questions you may have. Contact her by phone at 011-52-314-358-5042.

Mail a check or money order for the book of your choice (prices below) to our U.S. Distributor: 

Diane Johnson
P.O. Box 30053
Phoenix AZ  85007

Note: Allow 3 weeks for delivery. Though the book is sent out Priority Mail Flat Rate through the U.S. Postal Service, we have been told that in some areas, the book goes through a package inspection because of its weight (2.2 lbs.). We do not know why a 3-day service sometimes takes so long. Please wait at least a month before you complain to Pay Pal, or write us. Make sure you leave a phone number, the date, and brief description of your reason for calling so we can get back to you. Europe orders, add $5 US to prices below. If you can't wait two weeks, but would like the book, pick one up at Scuba Shack, Blvd. Miguel de la Madrid, Santiago (in front of the cemetery), or call 333-3678 when you arrive, and we'll deliver one to you anywhere within the hotel zone.


Manzanillo & the state of Colima tourist guidebook, sent Priority Mail flat rate to anywhere in the U.S.  
$35.95 USD

Manzanillo & the state of Colima tourist guidebook, sent Book Rate to anywhere in Canada. (There is no Priority Mail to Canada; book goes air mail.)

Barra de Navidad & Melaque tourist guidebook, sent Priority Mail flat rate to anywhere in the U.S.

Barra de Navidad & Melaque tourist guidebook, sent Book Rate to anywhere in Canada. (There is no Priority Mail to Canada; book goes air mail.)

*Author's note: "Manzanillo has been my home for more than 18 years, and I wrote the book because I hope you'll fall in love with Manzanillo and its people the way I did. Three dollars or more from each book is divided between Manzanillo's children's funds, humane societies, and our annual beach clean-up. Thanks for caring!" -- Susan


"This guidebook is a dilly and will not sour you on any of the sweet spots offered in Barra de Navidad, and it will make you think they are really Kosher."

"I have just finished reading most all of the GoManzanillo web site and I appreciate all your information.  My family and I are coming to vacation in Manzanillo January 19th to 26th.  We are staying at the Sinclair House
(Ladera) near Las Hadas. After ordering your guidebook I am much better prepared to enjoy my vacation."

"Would love to see one day that MANZANILLO  is well known in the all world. Good job..."

"Thank you so much for the book and taking the time to E-mail these great pictures to me. I really enjoyed them, especially since I haven't been to Mexico since 1997. I can't wait to go back to Comala and visit all its municipios. Colima really is a wonderful hidden secret. Thanks again!!!"

"It is obvious you have a deep love and appreciation for Manzanillo.  I want to thank you for sharing that via the internet. I find myself falling in love with Manzanillo and I have a deep desire to visit.  Because of what you have shared, I know that I have to go to Manzanillo. When reading about "Fiestas de Santiago",  I thought to myself, I have to experience that.  I missed it for this year, but perhaps I might make it next July....if I can wait that long. I ordered your book and I can hardly wait to get it.  I am reading and learning as much about Manzanillo as I can."
"Received your book today. Thank you. I've skimmed it and it is everything I hoped for and more. We will be leaving for Manzanillo Feb 18 and this will really help make the most of our week."

"Just wanted to let you know that I received your book today.  I only had a minute to flip through it, but it looks jam packed with information. Thanks!  See you in June."

"Just received your book and it's filled with al ot of great information. I do have a question. You mention the Hotel Sands in Barra. We were there 3 years ago and loved it, but I have heard that lately things have become worn down and guests have had $ stolen from rooms. Have you heard any of this and have you been there lately? Also, have you heard of Las Palmas in Melaque? Someone recommended it as a place to stay. We're trying to find a place to stay next month. Thanks for the very informative book. Can't wait to get in the sun!"

"I am in the process of reading and enjoying your book;  Manzanillo and the State of Colima.   We have sold our house, most all our possessions and are moving to Colima as soon as we finish our chores.  We love the area and have made some great connections in the area. I can hardly wait to get there and start taking advantage of exploring some of the fantastic-looking places you show in your book."

"I received your book last week and have devoured it!  It's great!!  You certainly did a lot of work on it.  It is really well done and full of useful info on the area."

"Susan, thank you so much, the book arrived today, just in the nick of time! I am so looking forward to our trip, and this will certainly help enjoy our time there."

"Hi, Susan.  I have bought several copies of your book and it is very well done and I recommend it highly to anyone visiting Manzanillo. We will be returning to Manzanillo on Feb. 18 and we stay just around the corner from your dive shop. Could you please let us know if we bring our lap top can we connect to the net from a local provider. I know the last time I was in your shop I forgot to put out my cigarette-- I was in a rush to get to the airport and I had to buy another copy of your book."

"Dear Susan, I loved your book which I just borrowed from friends who recently returned from a trip to Manzanillo. My husband and I just bought a house in downtown Colima. I want to buy my own copy. Is itavailable in the city of Colima and if so where?"

"I just received your book in the mail today and am very excited to study it as we are coming down on Jan 16 until the 27th. I glanced through it and found many excellent items right off. One thing I didn't notice ( at least at first look) was coffee houses and cybercafes!  There were several in PTO. and I bet there are one or two in the area. Also, I imagine there are no protestant gatherings . We found the Baptist church in northern PTO. Again, I'm excited and very grateful for the work you have put into this publication. You must have revised it very recently judging by your bullfight comment about Tyson's cannibalism!"

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