How to Protect Against Ghosts

Folklore offers many remedies for "hauntings," and here are a few:

1) Chalcedony and Obsidian worn on the person will protect against ghosts. Cetain metals such as silver are also protective.


2) Salt carried in your pocket will keep ghosts at bay.


3) Placing an iron rod on a grave will prevent a ghost from rising out of the ground. Placing an iron horseshoe at the entrance to a building will stop a ghost from entering. Iron nails taken from a tomb and nailed into a doorway will prevent nightmares. Folklore says spirits cannot pass over cold iron, and that burying an iron knife under your doorstep will ensure no spirits will ever enter your house. In some areas, iron is used to protect entire pueblos. Iron is a popular metal for the creation of amulets, which protect against the evil eye, bad luck, danger, evil spirits, and witches.


4) When a person dies in a home, all doors, windows and cupboards should be unlocked to allow the ghost free passage out of the house. Corpses should always be carried out feet first so the ghost of the person will not return.

5) During the funeral all furniture in the house must be rearanged so that if the ghost returns it will not recognize the place and leave. One must not speak bad of the dead or the ghost may come and haunt them.


6) Garlic hung above the door will keep spirits from entering. Many healing remedies contain garlic, and garlands of garlic worn around the neck or hung inside a house are used to repel evil spirits, spells, and creatures.


7) Brass is used to repel evil spirits. Bells crafted from brass were hung on the necks of livestock to prevent them from falling to the evil eye.


8) From about the 12th century on, candles were placed on church altars. Holy candles were used by priests in the ritual of exorcism, and by farmers to protect their livestock from bewitchment.


9) Charms are magical phrases, words, chants, incantations or prayers which protect against or cure disease, and ward off witchcraft, disaster, and evil.


10) Many gemstones are believed to protect against witchcraft and the evil eye. These stones are often worn in rings or amulets. Amber and coral protect against the evil eye, and cats eye, saronyx, and ruby protect against witchcraft. Small stones and pebbles scattered on a floor are also considered effective in keeping spirits at bay.


11) A hagstone is a stone with a hole in it hung in stables and homes to keep away spirits or hags at night. If hung on the bedpost, it protects the sleeper from a nightmare. Hung in the stable, it prevents witches from riding horses all night to exhaustion. One of the areas to find these stones in Manzanillo is on the north nide of Santiago Bay near La


12) Witch hazel is purported to be used by witches, but it is also used to protect against witches. Hazelnuts and hazel wood are believed to offer protection against fairy bewitchment, demons, and witchcraft. 


13) Since water is the medium of holy baptism, it is believed that it would reject an agent of the Devil. One of the Catholic Church's most powerful weapons against the supernatural is holy water. Holy water is a mixture of salt and water that has been blessed by a priest. Witches, vampires, and other nasty evil creatures are considered violently allergic to holy water.